ATP Reset uses three steps to pursue emotional release: Evaluation, Mitigation and Management.


ATP Reset evaluation involves a functional medicine review of history and symptoms, including exposures that might compromise the immune system and reduce the frequency of the physical bodies, such as mold, toxins, dental issues, viruses, parasites and blood borne pathogens. Stressors such as EMF, food and stress are considered along with trauma from experiences, memories and family. Providers may explore these issues using a variety of tools, including lab testing, muscle testing and empirical treatment.


Once the provider has a working hypothesis for the challenges compromising the patient’s health, the provider works with the patient to address these challenges, including:

  • Educating the patient to avoid or reduce exposures that might be compromising health.
  • Promoting lifestyle changes to improve health, including exercise, sleep and dietary changes.
  • Recommending supplements to respond to exposures, promote detoxification and increase energy.
  • Helping patients to understand the emotions and beliefs that may be affecting their healing.
  • Continued empirical treatment to address exposures, stressors and trauma.


As the patient and provider work to mitigate challenges to the patient’s health, the patient should move into maintenance, where the patient has implemented exposure avoidance and reduction strategies, lifestyle changes and positive beliefs for improved health. Supplementation may be reduced or used on an as-needed basis. Patients may not need to be seen on a regular basis, but only as new issues arise.